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1. Property Line Maps - PC
2. Find Property Lines - Mobile
3. Gmap4 - Enhanced Google map viewer

1. At Property Line Maps we produce online maps that show your approximate property lines on the Google aerial and on the USGS topographic map. These online property maps open in your browser and can do geolocation using the GPS in your cell phone or tablet. Each client also receives a GPX file that can be loaded into many hand help GPS units. If you are reading this with a cell phone then use the link in section 2, otherwise check us out at
Property Line Maps for large screens.

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Most single parcels cost $49.98 and include the online map link and GPX file. Although the property corner coordinates and property lines we produce are approximate, they are still the most accurate coordinates you can get without hiring a surveyor. But if you need to know exactly where your property corners and lines are located, then you will need a surveyor. For more information, to place an order or ask a question, please visit one of the above links.

2. (Under development) We are also launching the Find Property Lines site. This site is formatted for cell phone screens and has the essential information about our property mapping service. If you are reading this with a cell phone and would like to know more, please visit

3. Gmap4 is an enhanced Google map viewer and has many useful features that plain google maps does not include. It is free for non-commercial use and part of our way to "pay it forward". The link below will display the default map of the world. Zoom in and play with the two buttons in the upper right corner. Try a right click.

Gmap4 is also the software that is used to display the online property maps for our clients.

Gmap4 is web-based software that runs in the browser on most devices from cell phones to desktop computers. You do not need to download or install anything. If you open a Gmap4 link with a mobile device then you automatically see a touch friendly interface that includes a geolocation feature you can turn on. You can view Google aerials, high resolution USGS topographic maps plus other basemaps. You can display GPX files and KML/KMZ files. You can also display user-specified GIS data (ArcGIS and WMS) including GIS attribute data. The Gmap4 homepage has a FAQ for new users, examples, a 'Quick Start' pdf file (on the Help page), contact information and more.
Gmap4 homepage.

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