Our services let you build a URL and then use that URL to share your map with others via a clickable link. Each map sharing service is based on Google Maps plus additional features. You can view and print detailed topographic maps that cover the USA and Canada. We offer two different map sharing services.

1. Property Line Maps Homepage

You send us information about your property. We process that information, including your legal description, with our proprietary software which produces GPS coordinates for the property corners. You will receive a link to an online map that uses Gmap4 (see below) and displays the property lines on the Google aerial map and on a detailed topographic map. You can use that link to share your map with anyone. We will also send you the corner coordinates in a GPX file which can be loaded into many handheld GPS units. Although the coordinates and property lines we produce are approximate, they are still the most accurate coordinates you can get without hiring a surveyor.

We can also provide JPG files that show either public domain aerial photographs or high resolution topographic maps. These JPGs will include the approximate property lines and they can be spliced into a virtual property tour, used on Real estate web sites or used any place else that you can use a JPG.

The website for this service has example online map links, a FAQ, directions showing how to fly over your property line map in 3D, information on how we process your data and more. Please visit www.PropertyLineMaps.com for more information.

2. Gmap4 Homepage     Gmap4 Default Map

Share maps with or without GPS data. 100% free for non-commercial use. Gmap4 is web-based software that runs in the browser on desktops, laptops, smartphones, iPads, iPods and most other mobile devices.. You can view topographic maps for all of the USA and Canada. You do not need to download or install anything. This service is particularly popular for sharing maps related to hiking, climbing, mountain biking, hunting and other outdoor recreation. With Gmap4 you can search, print, use streetview, display a UTM or USNG grid, display your location on a smartphone and more. You can view user-specified GIS data (ArcGIS and WMS) including GIS attribute data. The Gmap4 homepage has a FAQ for new users, examples, a detailed 'Help' file with a Quick Start section, contact information and more.

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