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Free Online topographic maps USA & Canada

Highest quality topo maps with no ads and no watermarks! Choose t4 Topo High or t5 Canada. Also displays aerials.
Woldwide Topos: t7 ESRI and t8 OSM Cycle
Runs in the browser on your iPhone, iPad, Android, notebook, desktop
Interested in commercial use? Contact me.

Works offline! See: How To Use Gmap4 Offline

Permanent map link showing your GPS track

Share your map in trip reports, emails, websites and blogs
Make map links with just a latitude longitude

Trip planning

Make a map and save your data right in a Gmap4 link
Make waypoints, routes and tracks. Edit any field. Save GPX files.

View GIS data from REST and WMS services
View KML, KMZ, GPX and TPO files
Google MyPlace files & delimited text files

Files can be read from almost anywhere online

'Fly' over the map in 3D with Google Earth plugin
Geolocation -- Search -- Quick Start Guide
Coordinates: LatLng - UTM - USNG - MGRS

Display property line maps -- Find survey stakes

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